Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic bowel disease, which is also known as an autoimmune disease. Ulcerative colitis means that you have got an inflammation in your large intestine and/or your rectum. The inflammation affects the mucus membrane on the inside of your intestine. In the case of Ulcerative colitis, the inflammation is always interconnected.

Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis:
– Diarrhea often with blood and pus
– Stomach pain
– Fatigue
– Weight loss
– Urgency to defecate
– A swollen stomach
– Nausea and a lack of appetite
– Fever

The main differences between Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis:
– In the case of Ulcerative Colitis, the inflammation only affects the innermost lining of your intestines, whereas the inflammation goes deeper into your intestinal wall in the case of Crohn’s disease.
– In the case of Ulcerative Colitis, the inflammation can only be found in your large intestine and your rectum, and the inflammation is always interconnected.
– In the case of Crohn’s disease, the inflammation can be found throughout the whole digestive system, from your mouth up to your rectum, and multiple inflammations can be found in various locations.

The development of Ulcerative Colitis:
Ulcerative Colitis can develop due to a combination of our Western nutrition habits, the consequences of industrialisation of the food industry, emotional and physical stress and plenty of other factors.

The conventional approach:
It is often decided to use immune-suppressing medication because it is thought that the immune system is involved in the development of chronic inflammations. Unfortunately, this does not offer a proper solution, because the suppressing of the immune system is just a way to fight the symptoms. The source of the problem is not being fought at all, which results in the symptoms coming back once you decide to stop using the medication.

The Crohnproof approach:
At Crohnproof, we don’t just fight the symptoms. With us, you will learn about the effect of nutrition on your body. You will learn about the causes of the chronic disease in your intestines. You will also learn about which type of nutrition is a burden for your body and will keep the inflammation active. And you will learn how to calm down the reaction of your immune system, and thus soothe the inflammations in your body.

Working on it together:
You can participate in consultations via an online video connection, while at home, in your car or in the office. Our consultations are available all over the world. You are also invited to come to Heerenveen to talk about this in person. Are you curious about what we can mean to you?

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