My name is Jeroen le Duc, I am 30 years old, and I live in Heerenveen. After a period of severe pain in my stomach, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in June 2015. After examination and the diagnosis, the internist wanted me to make a new appointment to talk about using medicines. I never showed up.

After doing some research online, I found out that gluten and lactose free food would have positive effects on people with intestinal problems. I kept on searching, and I ended up trying out different things on my own body. I used my own body as a medical experiment. I managed to be pain-free without using medicines in 6 months.

During this period, I worked as a member of the security and safety staff at the Dutch Railway. I have worked within in the field of security for 11 years. I joined the Dutch Royal Army as a soldier-chauffeur when I was 18 years old. After 3,5 years, I left the army and became a security guard at events. I was able to work at the most amazing festivals, such as Sensation White, Masters of Hardcore, Lowlands, Pinkpop and Rammstein. At Defcon 1, I met a few members of the security and staff department at the Dutch Railway. After a year of applying for a job here, I managed to get hired.

Even though I was pain free after 6 months, my body could not handle the different time shifts I had at work, and my 1,5 hour commute to work. Because of this, I had to give up my job as a security guard.

Soon after, I knew that I wanted to share my own success with other people who suffer from chronic intestinal diseases. With my newly acquired knowledge, I wrote a method, and started Crohnproof in 2017. To gain more knowledge, I followed a course to become a orthomolecular nutrition coach. I specialised in the treatment of people with chronical intestinal diseases like Colitis Ulcerose and Crohn’s disease.

Crohnproof is here for you.

Jeroen le Duc