Crohnproof Testimonials

Ellen van Santen 
36 years 

Diagnosis: Ulcerative colitis
Written January 2020

I am free of medication for 2 years and I got my life back because of Crohnproof!

The flare always came back
Ten years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Pfff that was a shock. And now?Immunosuppression were prescribed at the time and that was it. After using the meds for a while I would lower the dose until another flare came up. Then I used the meds, and over time, I finished them again until I had another flare. This repeated itself for years.

After four years, the Immunosuppression were no longer sufficient. I had to switch to something else. From chemo meds to infuses. I have tried everything. The inflammation was suppressed but I was never free of it.

A stoma was close
I became sicker and sicker. For example, I had a headache every day for a year and I was in bed three days a week with migraine. Horrible. At that time it was said that there were few medication options left because everything had already passed. A stoma was close.

Mentally this all had a great impact. I had to go to a psychologist and to a neurologist. More and more was added such as the feeling of guilt towards my family. Because of the disease I had little energy to take care of my children and I could not be there for my partner as I wanted. Those feelings did a lot with my self-esteem.

I always had the feeling that things had to change, but how? I was convinced that it should be possible with food. After all, this goes through your gut. In January 2018 I was done with it.I told my doctor that I would take matters into my own hands. I immediately stopped taking all medicines.

On the toilet twenty times a day
The inflammation returned in full force. I was in the bathroom twenty times a day. It was so bad that I couldn’t even leave the house. In those few cases that I really had to leave the house, I was forced to inform shopkeepers and ask them if I could use their toilet. This was a terrible part of my life. As soon as I felt the urge, the panic flew down my throat. I was so searching and distraught. What did I have to do now?

In February 2018 I saw Jeroen le Duc at RTL late Night, a Dutch talkshow. My mother looked for Jeroen on Google and that was the start. There was Crohnproof.

This was what I was looking for
From the first contact I immediately had a very good feeling. This was what I had been thinking about for years. Nutrition and intestines. In April I started with the guidance. There was equal understanding, reassurance and good guidance.

My family thought it was scary. In that time I had already lost 10 kilos and also loved ones were worried about me and my choice to start with this. But I went for it. After I had visited Jeroen and adjusted my diet, I already felt improvement after 2 weeks. I had to go to the toilet less and slowly got my life back. I was soon able to go back to the store and caught myself not planning a route in advance where I could go to the toilet.

Trusting my body again
I regained confidence in my body. Although the beginning is difficult. Because you have to read all the packages of the food you buy in the stores and you can no longer spontaneously go for drinks. When this becomes a habit, you become very creative.

Jeroen has always given me great guidance. Certainly in the beginning I had many questions. Then I sent Jeroen an app and he reassured me or thought along with me. Really super! I am really enthusiastic about Crohnproof and would recommend this to anyone with bowel disease. I have been medication free for 2 years and thanks to Crohnproof I have my life back!