HEERENVEEN – After Jeroen le Duc (31) got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he used his own body as an experiment. Thanks to a different lifestyle and adapted diet, he is now pain- and complaint-free. Through his company Crohnproof, Le Duc wants to share this knowledge with intestinal patients. “It’s so cool to change the lives of people!”

Ralph Blijlevens 22-12-18, 07:18 

Providing someone with a better quality of life, that is so cool!
Jeroen le Duc

A croquette sandwich. If there is something that Jeroen le Duc does not eat anymore but actually would like to taste, then it’s that. But whether it is wise? “The bread consists of grains, just like the breadcrumbs that form the layer of the croquette. For someone with Crohn’s disease, it is not wise to eat. It is certainly not worth a possible relapse to pain and complaints in any case. “

Stabbing pain

Le Duc worked in 2015 with the Dutch Railways when the intestinal complaints revealed themselves to him. From one day to the next he suddenly had severe pain in his belly. A series of seven night shifts, in combination with a higher professional education during the day, broke him up. “I got flares, could not eat anything. When I drank a little, I felt that as a pain going through my body. Even moving when I was lying down on the couch was already painful. I lost 10 kilos in a week. I needed 2.5 months to recover and lived like a zombie without energy. ” 

At Le Duc, Crohn’s disease was diagnosed, a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. An incurable disease, in which regular medical care reduces the complaints with the help of medication and is kept under control. In most cases for the rest of your life. Le Duc did not want that. “I grew up with homeopathy from home, we always went looking for alternatives.” He went shopping on the internet, read everything that has been written about the disease. Specific about nutrition. “Because that’s the only thing that goes through your intestines.”


Le Duc began experimenting with his own body, kept track of everything that followed and studied to become an orthomolecular nutritionist. Gradually he discovered the negative effects of grain, milk products and added sugars on the intestinal tract. “By adjusting your diet, using vitamins and minerals and a number of specific things, you can restore the intestinal flora and provide balance in the body. After half a year I was pain- and complaint-free, without medication. That gave me a huge kick. “

He founded Crohnproof a year ago. Through his company, Le Duc wants to share his knowledge and personal experience of nutrition with fellow patients. Around 80,000 people in the Netherlands are walking around with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, and around five million worldwide. He currently supervises a group of people in the Netherlands, England and Belgium. In person in Heerenveen or via an online video call worldwide. With success, he says with some pride. “Delivering a better quality of life, that is so cool.”


As an example, he tells about Nancy, a woman from Belgium. They came into contact with each other through a forum about Crohn’s. “For five years she had continual pain in her belly every day, part of her intestines had already been removed.” She wanted to work with Le Duc’s methodology. “After two months she said she already had a number of complaints-free days per month. She was pain-free four months later. Without medication, which she did use when we started. ”       

Le Duc finds it bizarre that many specialists still believe that food has no effect on the health of people with a chronic bowel disease. “My story is recognizable, that gives people confidence.” His goal? “Establishing an organization within a few years, with therapists who can help patients in different countries. Mission work yes, because food and intestines are still unknown territory for many people. “

With thanks to Ralph Blijlevens of the Tubantia
Photo: Emiel Muijderman