Living with Crohn’s disease. You can do it with healthy food and a strict diet. This is the story of Jeroen le Duc from Heerenveen in the Netherlands. A few years ago, he was diagnosed with this chronic inflammation of the intestines. Le Duc did not give up the courage, went into research himself and now wants to help fellow patients.

A few years ago Le Duc, partner of multiple Olympic champion Jorien ter Mors, got a stab in his stomach during a work shift at the Dutch Railways. “An incredibly furious one, one you think of: wow, what is happening here?” After a few seconds it was gone too, strange, I thought, but it could be a mistake. “

It did not stay with that incident. There was more to it. Crohn’s disease, as it turned out. A severe illness, Le Duc knows. “They can get the symptoms stable with medication, but if you are unlucky and the inflammation does not come under control, it can also happen that part of your gut should be removed, that you eventually lose an entire gut and need to live with a stoma.”

Do your own research

Via the GP, Le Duc came to the internist, but instead of a second appointment, Le Duc went into research. “I knew: I have Crohn’s disease and from there I went looking for myself, searching for nutrition in relation to chronic bowel disease and in relation to Crohn’s disease, for example, finding out that there is gluten in grains and that they have a negative effect on your intestines. “

Le Duc sought out what kind of food was and was not good for his intestines. “I just started looking for what worked for me and what had a positive effect on the complaints I had and put together a diet, the basis of which is gluten-free and I do not take dairy products for example.”

Le Duc is now free of complaints. “I am comfortable with my energy and I can do whatever I want: I do not have stomach pains, but Crohn’s disease is technically an incurable chronic bowel disease.”


In 2017 Le Duc started the company Crohnproof to help fellow patients. “At the moment I’m purely offering guidance, the company is growing, I have great plans for the future, but there needs to be growth, there are dozens of people I work with, even abroad. not just on nutrition, but on vitamins and minerals, the supplements your body needs to function. “