Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the biggest cause of stomach- and intestinal complaints in adults. They used to call this a spastic colon. On average, 1 in 12 of the Dutch suffers from IBS. There are three different types of IBS; 1, mainly obstipation, 2, mainly diarrhea, 3, a combination of obstipation and diarrhea.

What are the symptoms of IBS?
The symptoms may differ per person and even per day. Possibilities are:
– Aching and stabbing pain in your stomach
– Abnormal feces (diarrhea, obstipation or a combination)
– Gasification, flatulence, feeling bloated, a swollen stomach
– Heartburn, difficulty with swallowing

Symptoms outside of the stomach:
– Fatigue
– Depression
– Muscle soreness
– Backaches
– Headaches

How to manage IBS:
In contrary to Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis, there is no active inflammation in the stomach or intestines with IBS. There are lots of similarities between these diseases when it comes to treatment options.

During the consultations, we will teach you about the nutrition which is a burden to your stomach and how the reactions arise which you feel in your body. By not using these types of food (for a certain amount of time), you will give you stomach and intestines the chance to rest which will result in fewer complaints. In some cases, additional treatment is necessary.

Crohnproof discourages the FODmap diet.
Lots of people suffering from IBS experience fewer complaints by following the FODmap diet. Because of the structure of this diet and the limitations, you will have a lack of important nutrients which you will need in your everyday nutrition. Because of the lack of important nutrients, your body might develop other problems.

If you notice less complains by removing cabbage, leek, onions, and garlic from your diet, it is possible that other things are happening within your intestines, which causes you to react to these foods. How this works and what you can do about it can be discussed during one of our consultations.

The Crohnproof approach:
We don’t fight your symptoms at Crohnproof. With us, you will earn about the effect of nutrition on your body, which types of nutrients are a burden to your body, and what caused you to be hypersensitive of certain foods.

Working on it together:
You can participate in consultations via an online video connection, while at home, in your car of in the office. Our consultations are available all over the world. You are also invited to come to Heerenveen to talk about this in person. Are you curious about what we can mean to you?

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