What makes you rich

Jeroen Le Duc (31) is the initiator and owner of Crohnproof. He guides people with Crohn;s disease and Ulcerative Colitis to a life in which they have no pain, do not need medication and have lots of energy.

“In 2015, Jeroen was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I have had a period that I got more and more heavy stings in my belly. That makes you think ‘holy shit what happens?’ Those stings where so painful that the whole world no longer exists, because there was panic inside my body. After a few seconds it pulls away again. At first, I had it once in a while. I thought ‘can happen’. But those stings came more often … until I had it several times a week. I could no longer deny that something was wrong. “

“By the GP I was referred to the internist. After investigations, I was told that I had Crohn’s disease. The internist said: ‘Come back next week, then we will discuss which medicines you’ll get’. I was raised from home with homeopathy. ‘Better not to take medication if it is possible without it. First look at what you can do yourself before you throw in medicines, ‘was the motto. A chronic bowel disease probably means taking medication for the rest of your life. Suppressing complaints but not solving them. If you are lucky, you can stop taking medication for a while until you get a relapse. “

Option B
“That did not seem like a good prediction for the future. So I did not go back to the hospital and chose my own path. I thought: “I know what option a is, I don’t like it, let’s see if there is another way.” I read everything there was about nutrition in relation to intestinal complaints, bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, and IBD. I’ve applied everything I read to myself.

My own guinea pig
I was my own guinea pig. For example, I went to eat gluten-free food to see what effect that had on my body. So, I read everything and tried it on myself, until after six months I was pain- and complaint free. “

“I thought ‘If I do something that the medical world cannot do, then I have discovered something that the world needs to know’. So pretty quickly I decided ‘I want to do something with this’. My environment felt that I was going to fast. They said, ‘that’s nice that you have not had any pain for half a year, but maybe you have to wait and see how long it keeps going that well.’

World discovery
“I started writing a method about how I did it. ‘Jeroen has tried on his own and discovered that … ..’ is a fantastic story for a book, but commercially it is not convenient. I decided to tackle it well and did a study as an orthomolecular nutrition expert. This study confirmed with theory what I had already discovered in practice. ”

Jeroen laughs: “Unfortunately my ‘world discovery’ already existed. But of course, I have the story and experience that many other people do not have and I can give very practical tips. I finally climbed out of the dark valley myself. Meanwhile, I know much more, much broader and much better why the things I did work and I also learned a few things that I did not know yet.

Jeroen le Duc

Photo: Valery van der Walle

Did you know what caused it?
“Yes, but there are lots of reasons. There are many things that can lead to chronic bowel disease. For example, the food that we now eat. If you look at our ancestors; they mainly ate vegetables, fruit and a bit of meat, fish or poultry. Nowadays we eat grain every meal. Many people have a vitamin and mineral deficiency so systems can no longer work properly. Grains have a damaging effect on the intestines. If you eat too much grain and too little vegetables structurally, it will go downhill at some point. “

Did you eat unhealthy?
“I thought I ate very healthily. But quite a few people think that. You eat varied; In the morning a bowl of muesli, in between a league, at lunch a sandwich, around 4 o’clock a cookie, at dinner pasta or rice, but they are all grains. And what we actually need, vegetables, we receive only once a day and often too little. That awareness is an important thing. ”

“When I guide people, the first step is: out with grains. Within 2 weeks I get to hear that people have more rest in their stomach and have more energy “.

“I personally guide people with complaints. In Heerenveen or via a video connection online. In Holland 1 in 200 people has Crohn or Colitis and they do not all live in my neighborhood, I also have clients in Belgium and England. “

What did you get from home about money?
“Uh, I often see golden mountains, but they stay in the distance,” Jeroen laughs. “When I grew up I never had the idea that we had money shortages. We could always do what we wanted to do. There was always enough of everything. But I really did have a time when I could handle my money badly. I entered the army at the age of eighteen. Then I started earning € 300 a month more, but I had already spent that twice before it was on my account. I have had a long time, that at the end of my money I still had a bit of month left. ”

“When I was still living at home, I always worked with the lily grower during the summers. I knew what I was going to earn (golden mountains in the future) and negotiated with my father at the beginning of the summer about a mountain bike or other expensive thing I had seen. Whether he wanted to advance that. That was always possible. But that’s why I never learned to save. I could still borrow it to pay it back. Only for a few years, I’ve learned how to handle my money. ”

Money seems obvious to you. You just have a very positive vision. So from ‘will be fine’.
“Yes, but sometimes I look up to people who can really handle money. I would have liked to learn how to handle my money better. That had saved me a lot of worries about my money. “

Jeroen le Duc

Photo: Valery van der Walle

If you have money now, what are you giving it to?
“There are 5 million people in the world with Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis. At the moment I guide people on my own in the future I want to build it into an organization with different therapists. So I invest almost all my money in growth, in collaborations with a strategist and a business coach. The money flows back into my business.”

“Furthermore, Sometimes I’ll go off for a long weekend to ride with friends on my motorcycle. And once a year on holiday with my wife Jorien. But I don’t have any exciting expenses. ”

“I have had a time in my life that I bought my happiness. That was short-term. I was a bit of a magpie. If I saw something beautiful I had to have it, and then I was happy for a moment. I found out that it didn’t work that way. My soul being is someone who wants to experience everything. That is not always easy but very interesting. It brings a lot of shit on your path, but also a lot of life lessons. ”

“An example: I worked 11 years in the security world. I started at the age of 18 in the army and after that, I worked in event security. I have been at the most beautiful and biggest parties in the Netherlands. Then I became a railroad police officer. I worked there for four years in a great team. Until Crohn’s disease came my way. During a flare-up, everything in my body was so badly irritated and inflamed. Drinking a sip of water already hurt. Even when I was laying down and wanted to move just I little bit it hurt like hell. In 1 week I’ve lost 10 kilos. When I was doing slightly better, if I went to the supermarket by car bought some grocery’s and came back, I was already broken. I was a zombie. I had zero energy. It took me 2,5 months before I was out of the dark valley before I was a little bit myself again.

“I slowly started working again through and building up my hours. A few hours a day at daytime. Then I went back to irregular shifts. This caused me a lot of pain again. I thought ‘I have just been out of the running for 2.5 months, when irregular services send me back in the dark valley, no way I will do that again’. In the end, I was declared unfit for work. I steered on that. I had a great team, but the kind of work was no longer good for me. ”

“I knew that there would be a great unknown period, but when it came to that, it was very intense. All the functions that I qualified for in my experience were suddenly unsuitable for me. I fell into a deep hole. I have been in the security world for 11 years, I was studying for a management position. And suddenly the future plans where gone. I really lost track of that.”

“I totally did not know what to do. There was just too many to choose. I have written down for myself what my requirements for my work life were. By finally looking at what I no longer wanted and could, I found out what I wanted. My wife Jorien travels the globe to compete in speed skating races. So I wrote on ‘I want to have freedo, so that I can go with her for ice skating’. ‘I wanted to decide for myself when I’m free’. And I came to the conclusion: ‘The only thing that suits you is to become an entrepreneur. I followed a minor entrepreneur in which I spent the first months on my own company and was taught by entrepreneurs and teachers. From there I started building my business. I do not only want to help the 10 people in my neighborhood, but I want to lead a big world organization. I still do a lot myself now, but in the future, it must be given a complete organizational structure, with someone special for each specialization. “

What are you solid!
“Haha, yes, I notice that the things I need are on my path. And I recognize them. ”

Just back to money … What do you do with your last ten?
“Keep quietly until I need it for something.”

And what if you find a tenner?
“I will keep it till I need it. Previously, it might have been different, but now I only spend money to expand my business. I have been cured of throwing money to buy your happiness. ”

“Ah, or maybe I’ll fill up the tank of my bike and make a nice ride”.

If you had an infinite amount of money, what would your life look like?
“A lot more relaxed”, laughs Jeroen.

“I have attracted this mission, and that is what I absolutely want to do. But where I started doing everything myself. If I had a lot of money, I would hire specialists to help me build a stunner of an organization. I could build in a tenfold or one hundredfold compared to what I do now! ”

“I am building it up quietly. If my own agenda is full then I’ll hire another therapist to make the organization bigger. Attracting customers and the range can be better. We need someone on PR who can arrange interviews. And therapists who can increase the flow of new people. But that will all happen. “

You would not buy stuff?
“No, or still … I am a big fan of old American cars. If I can dream big, because it is possible, then do a nice shed with nice oldtimers, like a Chevrolet Impala from 1965. We were recently at a company in the north of the Netherlands with a lot of old American cars, that really takes my breath away, as if the angels are singing … .whaa … really cool. ”

“I’m really happy and calm when I’m working on cars. I bought a neglected hobby car a while ago. I think it’s so cool that you prevent an old car from car death and then start to restore it and make sure everything works again. Restoring and being busy. I really like that. ”

What makes you rich?
“Ehm .. what makes me rich is to influence the lives of people. If someone comes back to me: ‘two weeks ago we had our first consultation, and now I feel so much better, I have less pain and more energy again’. Then my heart makes a jump and I think ‘Yes I did it again!’ ”

“The very first client I helped, Nancy, a woman from Belgium, had pain in her intestines every day for five years. She had nothing to lose. She was an entrepreneur, had a sandwich shop, and every day she had continuous pain in her belly and very little energy. I had worked out my own program and sent everything to her.

“After two months, she said she had no pain for several days a week. After four months I received a message from her again. “I have no pain anymore. It is completely gone ‘. Holy shit, I thought that was so cool! ”

“That’s why I do this. It has not come my way for nothing. And I really see it as my life mission to help others with this. Giving insights, helping people and ensure that lives are enriched. “

Do you have any tips?
“I have been very interested in motivational speakers since a while. I listen to videos and podcasts about the struggles that I also encounter as an entrepreneur. Because it really is not all smooth sailing. I am inspired by listening to Tony Robbins for example. I really get life lessons from that. ”

“I listen to how I can make better use of my time. How I could get over a certain threshold, how I can continue if I have a dip. It really fires me up again to continue on my journey. It doesn’t suit everybody, but I really recommend you to listen to it on YouTube. Search for ‘motivational speech’ and listen to what those guys have to say. That really helps me. “

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