3 steps to fully restore Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Learn how you too take control of your belly and life again!

Through special research Crohnproof shows the source of the complaints that you experience. But more importantly, with us you learn how to tackle the cause of your symptoms and how to repair your body.

At Crohnproof you learn:
-What the source is of the complaints that you experience.
-How to live without pain in your intestines, gas and other discomfort.
-How to never again have to look for a toilet in dire need.
-How you get your energy back, so you can do what you want.
-How to take back control of your life.

Do you recognize yourself in the complaints below?
-Is your belly and intestines of great influence on how your day goes and what you can do today?
-Do you blow up like a balloon after eating a meal?
-Do you regularly have painful stings, heartburn, diarrhea or a blockage?
-Do you have no energy at all and are you surviving?
-Is there a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis?
-Don’t you dare to leave the house because you must be able to get to the toilet immediately?
-Do you know exactly where the toilets are when you go out the door?
-Do you carry spare clothing with you in case it goes wrong?

Welcome to Crohnproof
Fortunately you found Crohnproof, your life does not have to stay the way is it right now! There is a solution for the complaints that you experience.

Jeroen le Duc is the founder of the Crohnproof and has personal experience with Crohn’s disease. Together with his team, Jeroen guides people like you, so that you too can learn to live without pain and complaints again. Are you ready for a pain-free and complaint-free life?

This is how we work at Crohnproof

During the treatment process you learn how your body works in 3 phases. What the source is of the complaints you experience and how you ensure that you live without pain and complaints without being dependent on medication any longer.

Phase 1 – the effect of nutrition
Many intestinal complaints and chronic intestinal diseases are caused by our western lifestyle and diet. You learn which foods burden your intestines, how your digestive system works and what effect stress has on this. By applying this knowledge you will have fewer intestinal complaints within 14 days (!) and an increase in energy.

Phase 2 – functioning of your body
Just like with a large machine, all sorts of processes take place in your body. Most happen automatically without you thinking about it. Your blood is always pumped around and your stomach and intestines digest the meal that you have just eaten. These processes all need nutrients to work. These nutrients consist of fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

A lack of nutrients causes complaints such as digestive problems, heartburn, irregular bowel movements and intestinal complaints. Through blood tests we research how certain processes in your body go. In an understandable way you’ll which nutrients the systems in your body need and how this influences the complaints that you experience. By supplementing these substances you ensure that your body will function properly again.

Phase 3 – digestive problems
There are various reasons why your intestines and digestion work less. This may have been going on for years before it gives clearly noticeable complaints. At Crohnproof we work with a specialized research laboratory that investigates the functioning of your digestive system based on your poo. Also called stool examination.

The most important points that are investigated:
– The functioning of your digestion; can you digest what you eat?
– The composition of your intestinal flora, these are different groups of bacteria that help with your digestion.
– Whether there is a bacterial overgrowth, Candida or parasite. These cause inflammation in your intestines and digestive problems.
– Numerous other things can be investigated depending on the complaint.

With Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis it takes an average of 6 months to complete the steps, apply the knowledge and restore your body. 

After 3 to 6 months:
– You know how your body works and how you restore it yourself.
– You live without pain in your intestines.
– You will never again have to look for a toilet in dire need.
– You have control of your life and you can do what you want.

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