How do you deal with a chronic bowel disease?

How do you deal with a chronic bowel disease?

How do you deal with a chronic bowel disease?

In June 2015 I, Jeroen le Duc was told by the internist that I had Crohn’s disease. The drugs that I could take would be discussed at a follow-up appointment. The internist has never seen me again.

By going my own way, doing a lot of research and using my own body as an experiment, I developed a lifestyle and diet, so that six months after diagnosis I lived pain- and complaint-free and I still do.

Little is known among medical specialists about the effect that food has on diseases and so on your complaints. Don’t get me wrong, we can not do without these specialists. It is true that they are very good in acute care but still know little about the treatment optifors of chronic diseases.

Research conducted by Crohnproof among people with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis showed that only 95% of the respondents had only received information about medication they could use.

In addition to the various side effects that drugs can have, the major drawback of medication use is that it only suppresses symptoms. Complete healing is not possible in this way. Because the cause of the disease is not cured, the disease can become active again after years of remission.

The course of the disease is therefore unpredictable, with the possible consequences of getting flares repeatedly, energy loss and lowgrade inflammations in the body. As a result, you run an increased risk of surgery becoming inevitable, with the change that a part of your intestines have to be removed and sometimes only a stoma offers a solution. Furthermore, due to the continued active inflammation, you have an increased chance of developing colon cancer. Suppressing the symptoms is something that does not offer a structural solution and can lead to bigger problems in the future.

By following a specific diet you ensure that the harmfull foods can’t cause further damage in your intestines and that the inflammation decreases. This will give you a grip on your illness so your health can recover.

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Jeroen le Duc
Orthomolecular nutrition coach

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