Jeroen le Duc
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We now know more and more about food. What is good for us and what is not. So we can assume that it is generally known that eating fruit and vegetables is good for you and that  a bag of fries every day is not conducive to our body. But curing a chronic illness with the help of healthy eating, we did not know that was possible. Jeroen le Duc told his personal story about how he managed to cure himself of Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gut. Normally drugs are prescribed after diagnosis, which you will probably have to take for the rest of your life. Le Duc was not waiting for that. “Halfway through 2014, I suffered from a heavy stab in my stomach for the first time. My whole body was panicked by it. It was as if the world around me was fading. But so quickly that the pain had arisen, so quickly he disappeared. I thought it was strange, but did not immediately see a reason to call a GP. “


Le Duc continues that the stab became increasingly violent and returned more and more. “Eventually I felt them several times a week.” After a visit to the GP, Le Duc was referred to the internist. There soon followed the diagnosis: Crohn’s disease. “I was told almost immediately that I had to come back a week later so that we could discuss which medication I was going to take. ‘No way!’, I thought then, first I wanted to see for myself what I could do with this. “

“I then looked all over the internet, wanted to know more about the disease and the progression. Soon I came across stories from people who said that medicines had not helped them either. I did not look forward to the possibility of an operation, or a stoma, at all. “Instead, le Duc decided to use himself as a guinea pig. “I’ve tried everything I’ve read on the internet on myself. For example, I read that gluten have an adverse effect on your intestines. I immediately removed gluten from my ‘diet’. “

I never went to the appointment scheduled a week later with the internist. “How did I dare to leave a doctor’s medical recommendation for what it was? I think my childhood. I can still remember a handball tournament from when I was ten years old. “Le Duc could not participate in the tournament because he got an inflammation in his shoulder. The doctor prescribed medicine for him. “The package leaflet of the drug mentioned all sorts of severe side effects, but the complaints would be over with six weeks. Once outside, my mother and I immediately threw the drug in the bin. We then tried a homeopathic remedy. Within a week I had no complaints and I could participate in the handball tournament against the expectation. “


The incident from his youth provided the necessary determination at Le Duc to heal himself without medication. “For me it was not even a matter of daring, but the only option. I went to the hospital with the thought: tell me what it is, once I know that, I’ll find a way myself. “The nurse, who was present at the moment that Le Duc told he would choose another path, did not agree with his decision. “And she let that know too. “Then we’ll hear from you soon,” she said.

For Le Duc an extra reason to prove that he would solve it himself. His search for a cure without medication did not go without a struggle. “In the months that I was testing all sorts of things in terms of nutrition, things suddenly went wrong. The first day of my study started during a series of night shifts. I turned on my second night shift, went to bed for 1 hour, to my study, slept for another hour and continued 5 night shifts. The switch from night to day rhythm was difficult and suddenly I got a flare. “In the event of a flare-up, people who suffer from Crohn’s disease have irritated and inflamed a large part of their intestines. Le Duc lost 10 kilos in a period of a week. “Even taking a sip of water hurt.” It still wasn’t a reason to give up his search.


Le Duc has succeeded in living pain-free with the disease without medication. However, it was necessary for him to change his entire life. Le Duc worked 11 years in the security world. First at the army, later in event security, and then at Safety and Service at the Dutch Railway. It was common for Le Duc to run night shifts and working at irregular times but it left its marks. He decided to quit and to learn more about nutrition, to follow education and become an orthomolecular nutrition expert. Now he owns his own company Crohnproof, where he accompanies people with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis.

“I always thought I ate healthy. 12 brown sandwiches per day. Because we learned that brown bread is good. We Westerners eat far too many grains nowadays. “According to Le Duc, it is especially important to be aware of a shortage of vitamins and minerals, because we eat too many grains. He himself avoids gluten. Le Duc eats pancakes made of banana and egg for breakfast. “What I find particularly beautiful is that I used to be involved in physical security, and now try to protect people in a different way. Even though everything around me has changed, I still do more or less the same.

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