Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis are reversible!

To share this success story with the world and to offer the method worldwide, an investment must be made. A lot of money is needed for that. Will you help with a donation to positively change the lives of millions of people? And, do you want to share this funding with other people? So that they too can contribute and spread the news further.

The start
In August 2015, Jeroen le Duc was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. According to regular healthcare, this is an incurable autoimmune disease of which the symptoms can only be controlled with medication.

At that time I chose to refuse the offer of medication and went my own way. By literally using my own body as an experiment, I have succeeded in developing a method that allows me to live completely free of pain and complaints with a disease that is described as incurable.

As an orthomolecular and epiphysiological therapist I have specialized in guiding people with IBD. There are now dozens of success stories from people who, by following the method, live completely free of pain and complaints without being dependent on medication.

What is IBD?
In the Netherlands, 80,000 people are diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis, collectively known as IBD. With IBD there is chronic inflammation in the digestive system. The opinion is that this is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks its own body tissue. Every year, 1,000 people are diagnosed with IBD in the Netherlands. The counter now stands at 5 million people worldwide.

Physical complaints
Many people with IBD experience numerous physical complaints even with the use and dependence on medication. You can think of terrible pain in your stomach. Not daring to leave the house because you have to be able to be right at the toilet because of the explosive urge. Or have so little energy that working or studying really doesn’t work. In some cases, the intestines are damaged to such an extent that surgery becomes inevitable and part of the intestines is removed.

It has a huge impact on the lives of these people themselves. But not only that, but also on the partner, children, parents, family, and friends. As a bystander, it is terrible to see how your loved one suffers. Because of the unclear course of the disease when using medication, many people are extremely worried.

The succes
In numerous Dutch newspapers, news websites, podcasts, and radio programs we spoke about the success of the guidance and method. Now is the time to tell the Netherlands and the rest of the world that things can be different! That there is a solution to this terrible disease. However, that solution does not exist in the form of medicine. The result is achieved through a change in diet, lifestyle and the recovery of the intestines and body.

Can I count on you in the first step and investment to tell the world about the method that up to now has literally returned the lives to dozens of people with IBD? In the Netherlands, there are 80,000 people, in England 300,000 people and in Germany 400,000 people. There are even 5 million people worldwide who can benefit from this. You indirectly influence the quality of life of all these people.

How I return the value of the donation to the world
Because of the worldwide recognition of the method, thousands of people will be able to participate in a counseling program. Here they learn how to live pain-free without being dependent on medication.

And what I do in return for your donation? As soon as the growth through the investment makes it financially possible, I personally ensure that the total amount x2 donated is used to enable people who earn little money as a result of IBD to participate in a counseling program.