Yesterday Jeroen was a guest at New Business radio at the Mediapark in Hilversum in the Netherlands. With Ron Lemmens, he talked about Crohnproof, himself as an entrepreneur, people with IBD and his mission to help these people.

It all started a few weeks ago during the World Championship Allround speed skating in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. There Jeroen met Lars Schotanus, co-founder of the Radio Factory where New Business Radio is part of. This was a great chance so Jeroen asked Lars if he could be a guest in the program.

Jeroen; “I really enjoyed being able to tell my story on the radio, about my personal experience with Crohn’s disease, the reason for starting Crohnproof, how I’m growing as an entrepreneur and where I’m I Crohnproof to be in the future.

I’m sorry to tell you that the radio program is in Dutch. So you probably won’t be able to listen to it.