Learn how to improve your quality of life!

Do you, like many people with intestinal complaints, have pain, discomfort or little energy? Are the complaints that you have of great influence on your life? Be honest, this is not what you want.

Do you remember how your life was before your complaints came? When you still had a lot of energy, did not feel any pain or discomfort in your stomach and still be able to do what you wanted?

We can not turn back the time. But what if you can learn how to get a grip on your own health? How you take control of your stomach, your life and what you want to do with it! That is exactly what you learn from Crohnproof.

Learn what you can do to you restore health!

Crohnproof was founded by Jeroen le Duc. Jeroen has experience with Crohn’s disease himself. His personal experience led him to study orthomolecular nutrition expert.

With this scientific knowledge about nutrition and his personal experience, Jeroen teaches you in an understandable and practical way what you can do to restore your health and to really enjoy your life again.

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