Do you experience inflammatory complaints due to the heat?

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During these beautiful summer days, many people with Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis experience more heat complaints. For example, they state that they are lifeless, have a headache, prefer to stay indoors all day where it is still somewhat cool

Tears during the Dutch Throwdown

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It is Friday morning when I am doing a warmup in a small dressing room of the Maaspoort in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. As I listen to hardstyle music to get in the mood, tears roll down my cheeks, realizing

Jeroen le Duc wants to make fellow patients Crohnproof

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Living with Crohn's disease. You can do it with healthy food and a strict diet. This is the story of Jeroen le Duc from Heerenveen in the Netherlands. A few years ago, he was diagnosed with this chronic inflammation of

Jeroen le Duc wol meipasjinten Crohnproof meitsje

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Libje mei de sykte fan Crohn. Mei sûn iten en in strang dieet is it te dwaan. Dit is it ferhaal fan Jeroen le Duc fan It Hearrenfean. In pear jier lyn waard by him dizze groanyske ûntstekking fan de

Healing a chronic disease by healthy eating?

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Photo: Valery van der Walle We now know more and more about food. What is good for us and what is not. So we can assume that it is generally known that eating fruit and vegetables is good for you

Le Duc has Crohn’s disease but is free of complaints and shares knowledge

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HEERENVEEN - After Jeroen le Duc (31) got diagnosed with Crohn's disease, he used his own body as an experiment. Thanks to a different lifestyle and adapted diet, he is now pain- and complaint-free. Through his company Crohnproof, Le Duc