Auto-immune disease

Due to a combination of circumstances, your body has developed an auto-immune disease. On this page, you can find more information about auto-immune diseases and how they develop.

Medical literature describes auto-immune diseases as follows:
Autoimmune diseases arise because the immune system regards the body’s own cells and substances as foreign. The body will then develop antibodies to fight its own tissue. The autoimmune disease can be divided into organ-specific and general autoimmune diseases.

The immune system:
The immune system is involved in the development of the autoimmune disease. You have to know how the immune system works to understand what is happening.

There are several organs in your body who are working together to prevent pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites from getting into your body. Your skin is a physical barrier between the surroundings and your body. The gastric acid in your stomach kills the bacteria, viruses, and fungus that have gotten into your body via food and the mucous membranes in your intestines and airways are protecting you as well.

If a disease agent gets past a barrier and into your body, it is the task of your immune system to disable the disease agent.

Why medicines don’t offer a sustainable solution:
The immune system is seen as a culprit when you have an auto-immune disease because the immune system reacts uncontrolled and attacks its own body cells. Doctors have not found a solution to this problem yet. The only thing they can do is prescribe medicines to suppress the immune system.

When using immune system-suppressing medicines, you will notice a (temporary) relieve of your complaints. The use of the medicines and the suppression of your immune system does come with several consequences;

Your immune system can get disrupted because of several factors which cause the immune system to become overactive. Instead of focussing on specific points, the regular health care system decides to suppress your immune system. Because of this, your immune system will be down, and cannot protect you from diseases such as the flu and a fever, which causes you to become sick more often.

The big disadvantage of this method is that the medicines only suppress the signs and symptoms, while the source of the problem stays active in your body. Once you stop with the medicine, it is just a matter of time before the chronic inflammation or autoimmune disease is back. This might ring a bell to lots of people who suffer from an auto-immune disease.

The reason for a loss of energy:
Your immune system being active continuously consumes a lot of energy of your body, and thus causes the energy loss. Even if you use the immune system suppressing medicines, it will still do everything to do its primary task, which is protecting your body.
Factors such as a possible reduced intake of nutrients because of the inflammation and the inflammation itself might cause the loss of energy as well. also, the negative side effects of the medicine should be taken into account as well.

It is a vicious circle you can’t escape from if you keep on following the same route. By understanding what is happening in your body, and by understanding how your immune system became overactive, you will also understand what you can do to get back into control of your health and the progress of your disease.

The Crohnproof approach:
At Crohnproof, we don’t just fight the symptoms. With us, you will learn about the effect of nutrition on your body. You will learn about the causes of the chronic disease in your intestines. You will also learn about which type of nutrition is a burden for your body and will keep the inflammation active. And you will learn how to calm down the reaction of your immune system, and thus soothe the inflammations in your body.

Working on it together:
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