Do you want to get rid of your digestive complaints?

Follow the unique training program and learn the Crohnproof method yourself.

Little is known among medical specialists about the effect that nutrition has on diseases. That certainly applies to chronic bowel disease. Founder of Crohnproof, Jeroen le Duc has made it his mission to guide people like you to a life where you experience less pain and discomfort because of your illness and have more energy during the day.

By eating the right nutrition you ensure that you are healthy, strong and energetic and that your health can recover. If you eat foods that damage and harm your body, your body is slowly being depleted. This causes complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, intestinal complaints, lack of energy and all kinds of other pain and inflammatory symptoms in your body.

Learn how to improve you quality of life! 

Jeroen le Duc is an orthomolecular nutritional expert and specialized in chronic bowel diseases. Jeroen has incorporated this knowledge and his personal experience with Crohn’s disease into a course created especially for you. The course is made up of different modules.

In the modules you learn in an understandable way what the different foods do to your body. You learn which foods burden your body and which foods help in recovering. By applying the lessons you stop damaging your intestines so your body can recover and your health will improve.

Course costs:

The costs for the course is € 149,

Topics covered in the course:

  • Which foods burden and damage your body.
  • Which foods ensure that your health can recover.
  • Which foods are anti-inflammatory.
  • How an autoimmune disease develops and what you can do to ensure that you get a grip on it.
  • Practically applicable tips and the personal experience of a companion with Crohn’s.
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