Do you want to get rid of your digestive complaints?

Follow the unique training program and learn the Crohnproof method yourself:

Little is known among medical specialists about the effect that food has on diseases and that certainly applies to chronic intestinal complaints. Founder of Crohnproof Jeroen Le Duc who has practical experience with Crohn’s disease, has made it his mission to guide people like you to a life where you’ll experience less pain and discomfort due to your illness and have more energy during the day.

Learn how to improve your quality of life!

Crohnproof offers a unique training program for people with chronic bowel diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease or the irritable bowel syndrome. You will learn how to gain more energy and how you can experience less pain and inconveniences because of your illness.

You will learn about the effects of nutrition on your own body combined with the experiences of Crohn’s disease from the writer and nutrition coach Jeroen le Duc. Because of his method, he has been living pain and complaint-free for years and has not used any medication.

Less pain and more energy with the right nutrition!

  • Easy to follow lessons in clear language.
  • Follow the programme where and whenever you want to.
  • Learn how you can heal your body.
  • Personal experience of a fellow companion.
  • Practical tips that you can apply immediately.

The Academy is currently being rewritten with the latest knowledge.
You can register again from 17 December.