About Jeroen

The personal story of Jeroen le Duc

It all started with a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach.
On just another regular day of my life, I felt a terrible stabbing pain in my stomach. It seemed as if everything around me stopped, and I had no idea about what was happening to my stomach, and how long it would last. It stopped after a few seconds. It felt weird but it was not a reason to go my general practitioner for this. in the following few months, these pains kept coming back and they became heavier as well, in the end, I had them several times per week.

I could not deny that there was something wrong within my body, and I decided to go to the doctor. I had to go to the hospital to see an internist. In June 2015, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The suggestion was that I had to come back next week to discuss my medicines. I never made that appointment.

The diagnosis provided me with a direction.
Now that my complaints finally had a name, I was able to find the right solution. I made the choice to live without using medicines.

Convinced I could do it with my own knowledge, I started my research. I read everything I could find about nutrition in combination with IBD and I used my own body to experiment on to see what the effects are. I gained more energy, the pain in my stomach became less and my defecation got better. The gaining of knowledge, the experimenting, and the research took six months. Ever since then, I am living pain and symptom-free up till now.

I founded Crohnproof to share this success with the world.
After a short period of time, I knew I could help out my peers with my success. Through my own resources, I have developed a way to live pain and symptom-free. Who would like that?

My own experiences are broadened with my degree for orthomolecular nutrition expert. Thanks to the knowledge I have gained, I now know what has led to my success, and how to apply this in my consultations. I will teach you about nutrition which damages your stomach and intestines, how the inflammations work, and what you can do to get back on track with your health.

You want to get back on track with your life as well right?

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