The personal story of Jeroen le Duc

It all started with a heavy stab in my stomach.
It was an ordinary day in my life. As a Safety and Service employee, I and my colleague walked recognizable in our uniform on the platform of Utrecht Central train station in the Netherlands.

Out of the blue I felt a terrible stab in my stomach. The world around me stood still. The only thing I felt was that terrible pain. I had no idea what was happening or how long my stomach would last.

After a few seconds the stitch went away. It was strange, but for me no reason to ring the bell at the doctor. Over a period of months, those heavy stitches came more often until I finally got them almost daily.

That was the point that I could no longer deny that I had a problem in my body and had me examined. An internist diagnosed Crohn’s disease. A week later I was able to come back to discuss which medicines I would receive. That appointment was never made.

The diagnosis gave me direction.
Now that the complaints in my stomach had been given a “name”, I could look for a solution. I was determined to discover a way that I could live without medication. 
Convinced of my own abilities, I went to investigate and read everything that could be found about nutrition in relation to chronic intestinal diseases. I used my own body as an experiment to see what the effect was on me.

By changing my diet I noticed that there was peace in my body. I got more energy, the pain in my stomach decreased and my stools got better. Collecting the knowledge, experimenting and the search took six months. Since then I still live without pain and complaints to this day without having ever used medication.

In the meantime I have followed various studies, I graduated as an Epiphysilogic therapist with specialization IBD and Crohnproof consists of a great team of specialists. Since the start, we have guided numerous people with the IBD-free method to a pain-free and complaint-free life, without being dependent on medication.

Now the choice is yours, are you ready to restore your health?