Do you want to get rid of your intestinal complaints?

Great to see that you have found us! Do you, just like more of us with bowel diseases, have pain in your stomach every now and then and a lack of energy? Do these complaints make it more difficult for you to fulfill your daily tasks and enjoy life? I am pretty sure that you want to get rid of these complaints, but how?

Jeroen le Duc, the founder of Crohnproof, has had experiences with Crohn’s disease himself. His personal experiences have led him into starting a course to become an orthomolecular nutrition coach. The combination of this scientific knowledge about nutrition and personal experiences have taught Jeroen ways to help you to get back on track with your health in an understandable and practical manner.

Crohnproof offers two programs to get in control of your own health.


Crohnproof has written an online course for people with chronic bowel complaints and bowel disease. In this course, you’ll learn what you can do to restore your health and, among other things, get more energy. The big advantage of this course is that you can follow it at your own pace at a time and place that you like.

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Personal consultation

Do you prefer personal guidance? From everywhere in the world, you can follow an online video consultation with our orthomolecular nutrition expert Jeroen le Duc. He has personal experience with Crohn’s disease and in his consultation, he will teach you personally what you can do to get in control of your health and get more energy.

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